Making Elderflower Cordial ...


One of my Favourite drinks n the summer is elderflower and I think half the fun is making cordial from the flowers ….

What You Need ....

850g White Caster Sugar 
1 Lemon sliced ( and 1 Orange if you like)
15 Elderflower Heads 
40g Citric Acid ( available from your local pharmacy)

What to do ...

Place 1½ pints of water and sugar into a pan, dissolved sugar on a low heat.

Bring to the boil, then remove from heat cool.

Wash elderflower heads until you have removed any bugs.

Add Lemons,Orange, Citric Acid and elderflower heads.

Leave for 24hours.

Strain though a muslin cloth to remove elderflower head, Lemons and Orange.

Place in bottles ! Enjoy 

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