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Recently I have been getting back into reading. Theres something about getting lost in the story of a book. Creating your own vision and image, in your head, of the characters and the world they live in.

There was one huge reason I have really got back into reading… My iPad! I bought my mini iPad two years ago and it sparked my enjoyment of reading again… It was easy I could download as any book I wanted and start reading within minutes. 

As much as  I love this and I can buy as many books as I like, Im feeling the pinch at the moment!Which lead me to rediscovered my local library. I haven't been into a library since being a little girl, but it seem so obvious … FREE BOOKS ! 

After a bit more delving, I found out about the app Overdive that allows me to borrow books digital thought my library … best of both worlds, free books on my iPad ! The selection is a little small but seems to be growing … Don't get me wrong I will definitely keep buying books, but when feeling a little tight on the money front this is a great option !

Read and Reading…

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green 
Can you keep a Secret ? - Sophie Kinsella
Where Rainbows End (Love Rosie) - Cecelia Ahern
You're the One That I Want - Giovanna Fletcher
Shopaholic to the Stars - Sophie Kinsella 

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