Twelve Days of Christmas ...Day 1 ... Advent Calendar Bunting ...


Christmas Advent Bunting ... One on my closest friends can't eat dairy so finding an advent calendar can sometimes be a bit tough ! So that gave me the idea to create this advent bunting !  

1m White cotton 
1m Christmas Fabric ( I used four long quarters)
Contrasting fabric for number 
1m Facing 
1/4m Bondaweb 
5m bias binding 

Bunting Pattern 

Firstly I iron of facing to the just the christmas fabric before cutting out the triangles.  

 Next I cut out the following ...

24 x Large Triangle in White Fabric
24 x Large Triangle in Christmas Fabric ( I mixed up four different fabrics )
24 x Small Triangle in White Fabric
24 x Small Triangle in Christmas Fabric ( again I mixed up four different fabrics )

After cut a total of 92 triangle !!! I Iron on Bondaweb to contrasting fabric for the number and drew out 1-24 (remembering to draw/ write them back to front ! )

I laid out the number on top of small christmas fabric triangles. Laying out whole calendar sequence so I could make sure I didn't end up with two of the same pattern next to each other.

(If you don't want to cut out your own number paper chase have theres great felt versions.)

Once I was happy with the line up, I ironed they number all in place.

Next I stitched around the numbers in a small tight zig zag stitch.

I then stitched the main small triangles to the white small triangles along just the top, to make to pockets of the advent calendar and open out to pressed.

Next I sandwich and stitch the pocket between the a large christmas fabric triangle and large white triangle. Repleting this with every triangle

Finally I attached the bias binding along the top.  

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