Twelve Days of Christmas ... Day 4 ... Felt Santa...


What you need ....
Free Pattern 


1. Sew the large and small triangles right sides together to create a cone. 

2. Trim the point and turn the right right way round.

3. Pin the top third to to stop stuffing from filling the hat. Hand sew around the bottom and gather, filling the cone before tying shut the bottom. 

4. Sew beard shape onto the cone, I used blanket stitch.

5. Stitch down the hat to the main body.

6. Hand sew around the circle and gather around the cardboard, creating the base.

7. Sew base to santa’s body, hiding the cone opening.

8. Finish with pom pom, eye and mouth details. I also added the little star on the beard for christmasy sparkly ! And final with a pink pastel pencil to create rosy cheeks.


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